Please advise in advance should you need your order before estimated turn-around time supplied.

Order Process:

  1. Quotation – Quotations submitted will remain valid for a period of 30 days from date of quote.
  2. Deposit – The 60% deposit of the total quoted amount will be required immediately after approval of quotation.
  3. Design/Artwork Proof – Should a client delay in the process to approve artwork within a reasonable time period, Branding Formula accepts no responsibility should the deadline not be met.
  4. Production – Estimated production time is currently 7-10 days depending on the quantity of items
  5. Balance Of Payment – This is where we send you the updated tax invoice on email confirmimg completion date for your order.
  6. Delivery/Collection – Our Sales team will immeadiately notify you when the order is ready for collection. With delivery we Confirm with you by email the address and time of arrival.

We are passionate about our customers and are willing to assist you with furthermore information.