This sample policy provides a guide or a place to begin.
Branding Formula’s sample policy is as follows:
1. Samples may be purchased through the client’s account manager and collected from
our offices.
2. Samples with item price less than R35 excluding Vat may not be returned.
3. Refunds for samples will not be returned unless the amount exceeds R35 excluding
4. Samples with any damage will not be accepted or returned to us.
5. It takes up to a week to get your refund back aer checking if all samples are
returned and in good condion.
6. Samples must return in original condion so that a refund can be issued.
7. The original Invoice must return with the sample.
8. No returns will be accepted for USB samples.
9. All orders must be paid within 5 business days of invoice, or they will be cancelled.
10. The client will be responsible for costs of delivery for free samples.